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Patient Participation Group

Aims of the Patient Participation Group

Holmcroft Surgery welcomes the views of its patients and would like as much patient input as possible in its development.

The Patient Participation Group promotes communication between the Practice and its patients, and contributes to the continuous improvement of the services offered.

Membership of the Patient Participation Group is open to all Practice patients 18 year of age and over.

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What the group does

  • Consults with the Practice on service development and improvement
  • Contributes to, and is kept informed of, Practice decisions
  • Represent the views of the patient body and provides feedback on their needs and concerns
  • Contributes to the design of and participates in the review of the Practice patient survey
  • Acts as an interface with the Clinical Commissioning Group through representation on the District Patient Participation Group

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How Does it Operate?

  • The group operates through a committee of up to 15 Practice patient representatives, a Practice Partner or senior administrator and meets bi monthly.
  • Patient representatives are appointed for a 3 year term of office at an annual general meeting, which takes place in April or May each calendar year.
  • If vacancies arise during a calender year the committee can appoint replacements with an end of term office of the member they are replacing.
  • Where appropriate, non Patient Participation Group members may be invited to meetings to provide appropriate information or expertise. 
  • Further information can be found in the Holmcroft Patient Participation Group Constitiution. 

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Committee Members

The individuals listed below are your current patient representatives on the Holmcroft Surgery Patient Participation Group Committee.

End of Term of Office is shown against each patient representative. AGM means Annual General Meeting.

  • Ian Bowen (2025 AGM)
  • Pauline Blackmore (2025 AGM)
  • Norman Cobon Chair (2024 AGM)
  • Irene Draper (2025 AGM)
  • Leela Gadsby (2024 AGM)
  • Celia Johnson (2025 AGM)
  • Roland Smith (2025 AGM)

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Communicating with the Committee

If you have any matters, for example issues with the services provided, suggestions for additional services or facilities, comments relating to experiences with external services you have been referred onto, etc., you wish to bring to the attention of the surgery through one of your group members listed above please give your contact details and the name of the person you would like to deal with your matter to reception and they will arrange for that individual to make contact with you.

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Meeting Dates

Proposed schedule of meetings 2022 and 2023

Committee meetings

  • 5th April 2022
  • 7th June 2022
  • 9th August 2022
  • 18th October 2022
  • 6th December 2022
  • 15th February 2023
  • 11th April 2023

All dates are subject to confirmation. Meetings start at 6pm.

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Meeting Minutes

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How to become involved

If you would like to consider becoming a member of the committee, please contact the Surgery on the usual telephone number and provide your details, including a contact telephone number and one of our committee members will make contact with you.  If you wish to be contacted by a specific committee member please advise Reception accordingly.