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Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality

Data Protection Privacy Notice for Patients

Our Practice Privacy Notices explain what information we collect about you, how we store this information, how long we retain it and with whom and for which legal purpose we may share it, the documents can be downloaded here:

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How we use your Information

How we use your Information leaflet. The leaflet explains:

  • Why the Practice collects information about you and how it is used
  • Who we may share information with
  • Your right to see your health records and how we keep your records confidential

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Fair Processing Notice

This notice is to inform members of Holmcroft Surgery, how the Practice uses and processes information about you for the purposes of Risk Stratification.

Our Fair Processing Notice can be viewed here.

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Patient Access to Medical Records - Request Form

Download our Patient Access to Medical Records Request Form here.

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Patient Information and Health and Care Research

All NHS organisations (including Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland) are expected to participate and support health and care research. The Health Research Authority and government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales set standards for NHS organisations to make sure they protect your privacy and comply with the law when they are involved in research.

To continue reading, please visit the Health Research Authority website.

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Telephone Call Recording

Calls to and from the Surgery are recorded and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018.  Calls are recorded for monitoring, training and dispute resolution purposes.

The purpose of call recording is to provide an exact record of the call which will:

  • Protect the interests of both parties.
  • Help improve Practice performance and best practice.
  • Help protect Practice staff from abusive or nuisance calls.
  • Establish the facts and assist in the resolution of any medical-legal claims made against the Practice or it's clinicians.

A call recording may also be used as evidence in the event that an employees' telephone conduct is deemed unacceptable.  In this situation the recording will be made available to the employee's manager, to be investigated as per the Practice Disciplinary Policy.

For further information please contact the Surgery.

Practice Call Recording Policy